Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a great option to meet your medical care needs. The area of practice is a specialty of Sangita Sahay, MD, of DOCCS in Melbourne, Florida. If you’re ready to partner with a highly skilled internal medicine practitioner with a passion for personalized care, call the office to book your visit or schedule online in just a matter of moments.

Internal Medicine Q & A

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is an area of medical practice focused on addressing a range of health needs in adults. Physicians who practice internal medicine go through extensive training across several medical specialties. That breadth of training and experience allows them to provide exceptional primary care services.

Dr. Sahay completed residency training in internal medicine. She went on to become board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. In fact, Dr. Sahay brought so much experience that she met the board certification requirements a full year ahead of schedule.  


What are some of the services available from an internal medicine specialist?

Internal medicine covers the full range of routine health care needs. At DOCCS, the primary focus is on preventive medicine. Dr. Sahay and her colleagues believe that taking a proactive approach to health can reduce your risk of developing chronic health problems and also enhance your daily quality of life.

When illness or injuries arise, DOCCS also offers excellent diagnostic and treatment services. Chronic disease management is available, as is acute care for urgent health needs. 

From routine physical exams to well woman exams, workers’ comp assessments, immunizations, COVID-19 testing, and much more, internal medicine offers solutions.


How often should I see an internal medicine specialist?

When it comes to preventive health, most adults benefit from scheduling annual physical exams. That allows Dr. Sahay the chance to perform the screenings that are right for your age, sex, and overall health.

You’ll learn ways to improve your health, including customized nutrition guidance that can help you shed excess pounds or boost energy levels. Dr. Sahay can help you identify and implement meaningful lifestyle modifications that can help you feel and function your best. 

Of course, if you are experiencing a chronic health condition or other significant care need, you may benefit from more frequent office visits until your condition improves. When you’re ready to begin, book a one-on-one visit online or over the phone.

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