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The worst doctor I’ve ever seen in my more than 50 years!!!  I don’t even know her name but she is the only doctor in the building.  Whatever you do, don’t go!!!!  No blood test or any test of any kind, no records from my previous doctor from out of state, nothing but a list of meds I take.  Out of 8 meds she decided she would only call in 3 of them!  The place is disgustingly filthy and it looks like there is some type of seedy pill mill in the backyard.  This is not a doctors office or ER, it was just that bad. I called two weeks ago to speak with the doctor, I was told that she was in India visiting family but they were open.  How can you keep an emergency room open if you have absolutely no actual physicians there?  Something has to be illegal about this place.   They do not have real doctors!!  They charged me over $350 for absolutely nothing!!

Laura L. | Aug 10, 2022
Do not ever go here waited forever and the moron at the front desk charged me double what he was supposed do luckily someone else working behind the counter caught his mistake and fixed it but seriously they forgot to send in my prescription too this place is the worst.

Chris J. | Jul 22, 2022
Very good

JADEN D. | Jul 07, 2022
Honestly do not visit this place. As a nurse I am extremely sad on how I was treated at this facility. I had the decency to call and ask if I could come in at 8:30PM because they closed at 9:00PM. Once I arrived I paid $120, waited patiently for my turn, and then the blonde nurse (can not recall her name) began taking my vitals and asking questions. At some point she stated in a rude tone: " I’ll ask the questions and you answer so I can get out of here". I was surprised at how she spoke to me considering I’m a nurse to and never have I treated a patient like shit. In less than 5 minutes she apologized stating, "It’s a long day, many patients showed late". I don’t have nothing to do with that. You chose the wrong field and I feel sorry for your patients. The APRN Alan J. Spindler was also rude. Stating why I waited until so late to come get seen... Im filing a report with the BBB. Hopefully if you decide to go they treat you like a decent human being and with compassion.

Sebastian S. | May 27, 2022
Brought a 8 year old in today (second visit here) because of a dog bite to her face. The front desk lady and the nurse were awesome. The doctor (Allen Shineler) was a piece of sit. Very rude and condescending. He did absolutely nothing to the wound other than to tell the little girl, This is going to leave a scar. Just a super rude narcissistic punk. Lucky for him there were several ladies present or I would have checked his sissy self

Dan M. | Feb 20, 2022
I drive past every day and finally dragged my husband in to try it. So glad I did! The food didn't just look amazing it tasted just as good as the pictures friendly staff and super clean. 10/10 recommend.

Lizzy Curtiss | Jan 01, 2022
Had lunch at Doccs cafe yesterday. It was wonderful! Justin is a great manager and made us feel welcome! Love the patio area and plan on bringing a group of friends on a Saturday night when entertainment begins.

Diane Elliott Schultz | Jan 01, 2022

Sendie Hutchinson | Jan 01, 2022
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